Fun With Martiya: Playing with Playdoe Part 1

Hello Everyone! It’s Tiya Time!

Thank you for watching Fun with Martiya: Playing with Playdoe Part 1. If you did not get to watch it, click the link and watch it now:

Martiya loves Playdoe and she also love learning. She just turned 3 years old and already know her numbers. She also know her colors which is great. Go be one step ahead when it is time for school. Make learning fun with products like Playdoe. Get your child some today by clicking this link:

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Fun With Martiya: Coloring the Letter A

Hello Everyone!

Thank you for watching Fun With Tiya: Coloring the letter A.

If you did not see it, click this link now:

In the video, Martiya used washable crayons. Regular crayons is hard to clean and is time consuming. I recommend that you get your child some now. Just clink the link.

Once you have your crayons, let’s have FUN WITH TIYA by Getting your printable letter A today for free!

Just email Subject: letter A pdf

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